Crochet Brioche Cushion

Materials: 10 skeins of 12-thread fleecy, of six shades of red (these should be most of the darker shades); 2 skeins of white ditto; 1 skein of white filoselle.

Crochet Brioche Cushion

Make a chain of 196 stitches with the darkest shade of red wool, and join it into a circle.

Work 1 round of raised spots thus:--Turn the wool 5 times round the needle, insert the needle in 1 chain, and draw it through all the loops, then work 1 slip stitch, insert the needle in the next stitch, work 1 double, and begin a fresh spot. Continue in the same way all round.

2nd round: Divide the round into 7 parts; work 12 spots with the 3rd shade of red, always working 1 double between each spot, and taking care to place them between those of preceding round: after 12 spots, work 1 double, then 12 more, and so on.

3rd round: 3rd shade of red, 11 spots, 1 double.

4th round: 4th shade, 10 spots, 3 double.

5th round: 5th shade, 9 spots, 5 double.

6th round: Same shade, 8 spots, 7 double.

7th round: 5th shade, 7 spots, 9 double.

8th round: Same shade, 6 spots, 11 double.

9th round: Same shade, 5 spots, 13 double.

10th round: 6th shade, 4 spots, 15 double.

11th round: Same shade, 3 spots, 17 double.

12th round: Same shade, 2 spots, 19 double.

13th round: Same shade, 1 spot, 21 double. The pattern of raised spots being now completed, continue to work with the lightest shade of red in double stitches, decreasing once above each pattern, so as to close up the circle gradually. The white flowers are worked over the plain part of the cushion with white wool, and silk for the petals, and a black dot in the centre. The cushion is stuffed with horsehair and lined with glazed calico. A round of thick pasteboard is stitched in at the bottom, to make it stand firmer.

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