Crocheted Pouch

Materials: Black purse silk; crimson ditto; gold thread.

The pouch is begun at the bottom, in the centre of the star. [274] With crimson silk make a chain of 3 stitches, and join it into a circle. Work 4 rounds of double crochet, 2 stitches in each stitch.

5th round: 2 crimson stitches, 1 gold stitch, and so on.

6th round: All gold stitches.

7th round: 2 crimson stitches, 2 gold, and so on.

8th round: All crimson stitches.

9th round: 3 crimson stitches, 2 gold, &c.

10th round: Similar to the preceding.

Star for Tobacco Pouch, No. 279.

11th round: 4 gold stitches, 3 crimson, &c.

12th round: 4 gold stitches, 2 black stitches over the 2 centre gold stitches of preceding round, &c.

13th round: 3 gold stitches, 4 black stitches, &c.

14th round: 1 gold stitch, 6 black stitches, &c.

15th round: 3 gold stitches, 4 black stitches, &c.

16th round: 4 gold stitches, 2 black stitches, &c.

17th round: 4 gold stitches, 2 over the black stitches of preceding round, and 1 on either side, 4 crimson stitches, &c.

18th round: 2 gold stitches over the centre ones of preceding round, 7 crimson stitches, &c.

Now work 4 plain crimson rounds, and begin the pattern from No. 279. The centre is crimson, and the pattern is black and gold. The border round the top is of the same colours.

Tobacco Pouch.

Complete the work by 2 rounds of open treble crochet, and 1 round of gold scallops.

In the open rounds pass a double cord of black silk, finished off with small balls of black silk gimp and gold; and on either side of the pouch fasten one of these same balls with two tassels, one crimson and one black. The pouch is lined with white kid.

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