Using Embroidery Stitches in Patterns Part 4

ILLUSTRATION 101 (Blossom in Satin Stitch).--The eyelet is worked in overcast stitch, then work the upper part of the blossom all in one piece as far as the beginning of the veining, thence the blossom is worked in two halves.

Blossom in Satin Stitch.

ILLUSTRATIONS 102 & 103 (Blossom in Satin Stitch).--The raised centre of this flower is formed by a bead, over which the embroidery is worked. When the leaves have been worked one after the other, place a bead in the centre, left free in such a manner that one hole lies on the material, and work over the bead by inserting the needle into its upper hole, then underneath the material, drawing it out above the material close to the bead, and so on (see 103).

Blossom in Satin Stitch.    Bead partly covered.

ILLUSTRATION 104 (Star Pattern in Satin Stitch).--The centre, which forms a wheel, is worked first. Draw the threads across the circle [97] marked by an outline; in the centre they are wound round, always taking one thread on the needle and leaving the next thread under the needle. The material underneath the wheel is only cut away when the rest of the pattern has been embroidered.

Star in Satin Stitch.

ILLUSTRATIONS 105 & 106 (Patterns in Back, Satin, and Ladder Stitches).--The small star in the centre of No. 105 is worked in point de reprise.

Star in Point de Reprise.


ILLUSTRATION 107 (Flower in Satin Stitch).--The fine veinings are worked with fine black silk in point russe, which renders the effect of the flower very beautiful.

Flower in Satin Stitch.

ILLUSTRATIONS 108 & 109 (Rose in Satin Stitch).--No. 109 shows one petal larger than full size. The outer circle only is prepared with chain stitches underneath, so as to appear raised; the inner circles are worked flat. The centre of the rose is embroidered in open work.

Rose in Satin Stitch.   Petal for Rose.

ILLUSTRATION 110 (Embroidered Heartsease).--Done in Knotted Stitch


ILLUSTRATION 111 (Flower in Raised Satin Stitch).

Raised Flower.

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