Point Lace Stitches 4

No. 447.--CORDOVA STITCH is useful for varying other stitches. It resembles the point de reprise of guipure d'art, and is worked in a similar manner over and under the side of squares formed by straight and parallel lines. (See No. 448.)

Point de Cordova (Cordova Stitch).

No. 448.--POINT DE REPRISE.--This stitch is worked by darning over and [464] under two threads, forming a triangle. The space is filled by parallel and crossway bars, placed at equal distances, and on the triangles thus produced point de reprise is worked.

Point de Reprise.

No. 449.--POINT BRABANÇON (Brabançon Lace) is worked as follows:--Left to right. 1st row: 1 long loose, 1 short loose, point de Bruxelles alternately to end of row. 2nd row: 7 tight point de Bruxelles in the 1 long loose stitch, 2 short loose point de Bruxelles in the short loose stitch of previous row, repeat. 3rd row: Same as first.

Point Brabançon (Brabançon Lace).

Point de Fillet (Net Groundwork Stitch).

Point de Fillet and Point de Reprise.

No. 450 is used for groundwork where Brussels net is not imitated, and is very effective. It is begun in the corner or crosswise of the space to be filled. A loose point de Bruxelles stitch is first taken and fastened to the braid, then passed twice through the braid as shown in illustration, and worked in rows backwards and forwards as follows:--1 point de Bruxelles stitch; before proceeding to the next stitch pass the needle under the knot, over the thread, and again under it, as shown in illustration No. 450. This stitch is very quickly worked. No. 451 shows point de fillet applied in filling a space, with a few stitches of point de reprise worked upon this pretty groundwork.

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