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Tatting Supplies
1. Brilliant Tatting Cotton-Christmas Red
2. DMC Brilliant Tatting Cotton 100 yds. White
3. Metal Tatting Shuttle-1/Pkg
4. Plastic Tatting Shuttle-1/Pkg
5. Plastic Tortoise Sheel Tatting Shuttle-2/Pkg

Tatting Shuttles Metal Susan Bates

7. Tatting Shuttles Plastic Clover 2/pkg
8. Metal Tatting Bobbins-4/Pkg
Tatting VHS
Tatted Lace From Start To Finish*ing - Price: $44.95
Bev Dillon is back with a new program designed to teach the popular craft of tatting. She begins with a basic overview of the necessary materials, and shows viewers examples of socks, Christmas ornaments, and even cards with tatted trims.
Needle Tatting - Price: $40
Tatting 1 - Used Video Available
Recommended Books on Tatting
Tatting in Lace
Author: Mary Konior

Best Price $135.22

Wonderful shuttle book, with history, how to's, great patterns, etc. Learn where the work "tatting" comes from!

Complete Book of Tatting
Author: Rebecca Jones

Price: $20.00

This lovely book is an excellent buy for the beginner learning to make tatted lace as well as for the more experienced tatter wanting a good collection of small patterns.

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